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Antigonish Self Storage Options

Standard Self Storage Units

5' x 10'
$99.00 + HST / 4 Weeks
8' x 8'
$109.00 + HST / 4 Weeks
10' x 10'
$139.00 + HST / 4 Weeks
10' x 15'
$174.00 + HST / 4 Weeks
9' x 17'
$169.00 + HST / 4 Weeks
10' x 20'
$199.00 + HST / 4 Weeks
17' x 23'
$391.00 + HST / 4 Weeks

Some units have heat available at extra cost. Each self storage location offers different accessibility - if you're unsure of your needs, view our frequently asked questions, or contact us.

Large Self Storage Units with Roll-up Door

17' x 23'
Contact for Price
14' x 23'
Contact for Price
17' x 25'
Contact for Price
16' x 22'
Contact for Price

Transportation to the site is extra (according to distance). Self contained portable units that are ideal for storage during home renovations or anytime that temporary on-site storage is required. Units are highly secure and easily accessible.

Ron MacGillivray Self Storage has approximately 300 self storage units in Antigonish to fit your needs. Large or small, heated or not, we can help.

  • Do you need heating?
    If your stored items need to be kept at a constant temperature, or can't dip below a certain temperature, a heated self storage unit is a must.
  • Vehicle Access
    If you require a self storage unit that's accessible by a larger vehicle such as a U-Haul or moving van, please let us know and we'll arrange an appropriate location.
  • Storage Capacity
    If you're putting a few things away for the winter you'll probably want a smaller size than someone who's storing a household's worth of items for a few years. Take the time to assess how much space you'll need.

For more information you can view our storage tips, or contact us.