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Self Storage Containers

Why Use Self Storage Containers?

Our containers are the perfect solution to your self storage needs for a number of different reasons.

  • Mobile Office Option: We have a self stroage container with a window, door and electric heat, perfect for an onsite office for contruction sites.
  • Mobility: We can bring our containers directly to you for maximum convenience and minimum distance for you to transport your belongings into them.
  • Flexibility: We can keep your container on site for however much time you need, take them back to our facilities for long term storage or simply pick them up after you’re done using them.
  • Off Site Storage: Once you are done filling your container we can pick it up and store it at our own facility.
  • Vehicle Storage: Our containers fit most vehicles and provide a great way to protect your valuable asset during the months you most need it.
  • Cost Effective: Because you can rent in 4 week cycles you only pay for the space you need while you need it. We are happy to quote any aspect of storage process. For our heated units electricity can be turned on only in the months you need it.
  • Secure: There are very few solutions as tough as our metal storage containers.

Storage Sizes

$195.00 plus HST /4 weeks
$355.00 plus HST /4 weeks
If you would like to purchase a container please contact us.